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  • David (Wednesday, April 02 14 10:54 pm EDT)

    My Family and I will be at your show April 5th in West Frankfort, IL @ the Moose lodge. Please give a shout out to my Daughter Erika and her fiancee Jordan and my other daughter Megan( Both are
    Science teachers in the West Frankfort school system and my wife Lisa which is the principal' secretary at the West Frankfort High School. CYA Saturday night.

  • Rye Silverman (Tuesday, December 10 13 06:04 am EST)

    The Bill and Dan Show

  • Joseph Clark (Monday, June 03 13 12:55 am EDT)

    Funniest teacher ever! I wish I had one like him when I was a freshman. Rob is truly a funny man. If he takes half of his sense of humor with him to the classroom he will be one of the few that is
    remembered as a great one.

  • RJ Shuman (Tuesday, March 19 13 05:13 am EDT)

    Rob - Just got your book today and have read most of it. Actually I read what applies to me, which would be chapter 1. Fantastic information and a huge help for someone trying to get off my couch and
    onto the stage. I'm from C-bus so I'm hoping follow your footprints. Great, informative book. Congratulations! (And because I think I'm obligated to...."O-H"....)

  • Kit (Sunday, November 18 12 11:33 pm EST)

    Loved reading your book!

  • Telly Cardaci (Saturday, July 07 12 09:33 am EDT)

    Loved the book! Thanks so much for all the practical and candid advice. I found it helpful and applicable all kinds of comedy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definetly refer back to it and
    recommend it.

  • Mike Anthony (Wednesday, January 18 12 09:52 am EST)

    Great set in Chattanooga last week! I'd protect Rob in a prison shower. Yup, he's that funny.

  • Tessa Wisenbarger (Wednesday, December 21 11 11:53 am EST)

    How awesome are you! LOL You prob don't remember me, I was a little younger than you. I hope I see you at the River horse! Looking forward to seeing your act...:)

  • Donna Wadsworth-Brown (Wednesday, December 21 11 11:11 am EST)

    Rob, I've got a gig for you! Will you come to my English Methods class and talk about the role of humor in the classroom? I'm very serious. I talk with students all the time about the "Opener". .
    .those first few minutes of a lesson when the teacher offers up an anecdote, metaphor, analogy or humorous bit to engage students in the material to come. I'd love to have you come, Rob. Please
    consider and contact me if you can. In the meantime, I'd love to get your book.

    Tuesdays 4-6:30 pm Main Campus Express Scripts Hall


Don't Wear Shorts

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