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  • Ross Drummond (Sunday, March 04 12 10:27 am EST)

    Bought the book on Friday and I've read it in about two sittings over the weekend, a fantastic read! I couldn't put it down! I'm a comic based in London, been going for about 18 months and it helped
    me realize thankfully a lot I'm doing right and a lot to know for the future! Ross.

  • Adam Bowman (Tuesday, February 21 12 06:52 pm EST)

    I really enjoyed the book Rob. I've always loved stand up comedy and it was interesting to see the trials and tribulations a stand up comic has to go through to become successful. You are a good
    writer and storyteller so you shouldn't stop at one book.

  • Donna Wadsworth-Brown (Sunday, February 19 12 09:15 pm EST)

    Rob, I knew this book would be authoritative. How could it not be! You kept our Writing for Teachers class at UMSL laughing an entire semester. You know comedy! Loving humor in the classroom as I do,
    I've found this book useful and encouraging. Keep writing, teaching. . .and bringing comedy to the stage.

  • Andrea Caspari (Sunday, February 19 12 12:36 pm EST)

    Rob has written both the book I wanted to read and have always wanted to write. This is a must-have for up and coming comics. He really nails the points with good advice and humor to boot. Check it
    out! (Okay, don't just check it out...he makes more money if you BUY it.)

  • Daniel Schmidt (Saturday, February 18 12 10:44 pm EST)

    The book is filled with great information for comics of any experience level. I use it almost like a quick reference guide.

  • Cathy Babis (Monday, January 16 12 08:30 pm EST)

    Rob has described the life of a comic as he has experienced it for the last twelve years from being a doorman at a major comedy club to becoming a feature/headline act. He hasn’t hit the “big time”
    yet and, frankly, most of us won’t. As an older-than-average (okay, I could have given birth to most of them) female comic just starting out, I found his descriptions of what it really takes to be
    mostly accurate from my limited perspective. He provides lots of do-this-don’t-do-that guidelines for working with other comics, club owners, and your friends who are SURE you will use the joke they
    just found on the internet and told you “in your next act.” I liked the way he advised new comics how to get started yet he also shared information about developing to the point of having merchandise
    to sell at the end of a show to increase your income and maybe even come out ahead once you reach feature/headliner act status. This is not a book about how to write jokes – it’s about the process of
    becoming a comic. I would pair this book with I Killed: True Stories of the Road from America's Top Comics, in which many big-name comics tell stories about life on the road from the 1960’s through
    the early 2000’s. Not much has changed and that’s the lesson. I recommend Don’t Wear Shorts On Stage to anyone who is considering a career in standup and to those who are already in it. It was a
    breath of fresh air to not read, “anyone can do this and it’s easy.” Don’t quit your day job, if you are lucky enough to have one. Oh, and buy this book.


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Don't Wear Shorts

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by Rob Durham


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