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January 14-16--O'Fallon, MO Glass of Laughs

February 11, 2011--Union, MO

March 2, 2011--Osage Beach, MO
March 3-5, 2011--Deja Vu in Columbia, MO

April 20, 2011--Brennon's in St. Louis

May 27, 2011--St. Louis Funnybone

June 11, 2011--Lebanon, MO

July 15, 2011--Magnuson Grand Hotel in Raymond, IL

July 27, 2011--Brennon's in St. Louis

August 10-15--St. Louis Funnybone @ Westport.

August 20, 2011--Knights of Columbus in Shelby, Ohio (8:00 pm)

October 1, 2011--Pacific, MO

October 5, 2011--Decatur, IL

October 6-8, 2011--Comedy Etc. II at Fairview Heights, IL

October 19, 2011--Brennon's in St. Louis

December 3, 2011--Harrah's Casino in St. Charles, MO

December 30, 2011--The River Horse in Bellville, OH


January 7-10, 2010--Comedy Catch in Chattanooga, TN

January 29, 2010--Sci-Fi Lounge St. Louis, MO

February 5, 2010--Missouri State University with Maria Bamford

March 25-27, 2010--Jokerz in Milwaukee, WI

April 7, 2010--Deja Vu in Columbia, MO (corporate show)

June 13, 2010--Cicero's in the Loop, St. Louis (8:00 all-ages show)

June 30, 2010--The Highlands in Kirkwood, MO

July 7, 2010--City Grille in Osage Beach, MO

July 8-11, 2010--Deja Vu in Columbia, MO with Rob Little

August 5-8, 2010--Comedy Catch in Chattanooga, TN with David Allen Grier

August 18, 2010--Sports Zone in Decatur, IL

August 19-21, 2010--Comedy Etc. II in Fairview Heights, IL

September 17-18, 2010--Glass of Laughs, O'Fallon, MO

September 24-25, 2010--Glass of Laughs, O'Fallon, MO with Screech/Dustin Diamond

October 7, 2010--River City Casino, St. Louis with Dave Coulier

October 9, 2010--Lost Valley Lake Resort, MO

October 30, 2010--Rally for Sanity, St. Louis (Under The Arch)

November 10, 2010--Brennan's in St. Louis (Central West End)

November 19-21, 2010 Glass of Laughs in O'Fallon, MO

December 3, 2010--Columbia, MO (private party)

December 20, 2010--The River Horse in Bellville, OH (open to the public)



January 10, 2009--The Star Theater in Hannibal, Missouri

January 15-18, 2009--The Comedy Catch in Chattanooga Tennessee

February 21, 2009--The Comedy Forum in St. Peters, MO

March 5-7, 2009--Comedy Forum St. Peters, MO

March 10, 2009--"Up in the Air" Filming

March 17, 2009--The Riverhorse in Bellville, OH

March 21, 2009--Private Show, South County St. Louis, MO

March 25-29, 2009--Looney Bin, Wichita, Kansas

April 1, 2009--Comedy Forum HD Comedy Tour Contest
April 16, 2009--Larry J's in South County St. Louis, MO

May 1, 2009--MY WEDDING!

June 3-6, 2009--Comedy Quarter in Appleton, WI

July 1, 2009--City Grill in Osage Beach, MO

July 2-3, 2009--Deja Vu in Columbis, MO

September 9, 2009--Atomic Cowboy in St. Louis, MO (free show!)

September 18-19, 2009--Jeremiah Bullfrog's in Topeka, KS

September 30, 2009--City Grille in Osage Beach, MO

October 17, 2009--Family Arena, opening for The Dan Band (7:30)

October 23, 2009--The Gaslight Theater, St. Louis, MO (Central West End)

November 25, 2009--Boomer's Ontario/Mansfield, OH

December 3-5, 2009--Comedy, Ect. II in Fairview Heights, IL

December 23, 2009--City Grille in Osage Beach, MO

December 26, 2009--Deja Vu in Columbia, MO



January 3-6, 2008--The Comedy Catch in Chattanooga, TN

January 10, 2008--Harry's St. Louis, MO
January 12, 2008--Rantoul, IL  The Hide-Away

January 19, 2008--Fairview Heights, IL  Funnybone

January 25-26, 2008--Oklahoma City, OK  "Stooges"

February 2, 2008--Poplar Bluff, MO

February 6, 2008--Carbondale, IL

February 7, 2008--Taylorville, IL  Bailey's Pub

February 21-23--Comedy Forum in St. Peter's, MO

March 20-22, 2008--Snickerz in Ft. Wayne, IN

March 25-29, 2008--The Funnystop in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

March 30, 2008--The Cleveland Improv

April 10-12, 2008--Comedy Forum in St. Peter's, MO

April 24-26, 2008--Jokerz in Milwaukee, WI with Gary Valentine

April 30-May 4, 2008--The Loony Bin in Tulsa, OK

May 7-11, 2008--The Loony Bin in Little Rock, AK

May 27, 2008--Springfield, MO The Comedy Zone

June 10-11, 2008--The River Horse in Bellville, Ohio

June 20, 2008--Tail Spin in Belle, MO

July 2, 2008--City Grill, Osage Beach, MO

July 3-5, 2008--Deja Vu in Columbia, MO

August 14-16, 2008--Comedy Forum in St. Peter's MO

August 28, 2008--Manhatten, KS

August 29, 30, 2008--Jeremiah Bullfrog's in Topeka, KS

September 4-7, 2008--Comedy Catch in Chattanooga, TN

September 15, 2008--Budweiser Commercial Shoot

October 3, 2008--Comedy Forum St. Peters, MO

October 16-18, 2008--Jokerz in Milwaukee, WI

November 25, 2008--Columbus, Ohio Funnybone

December 11-13, 2008--Snickerz Comedy Club in Fort Wayne, IN

December 19-20, 2008--The Comedy Forum in St. Peter's, MO

December 30-31, 2008--Springfield, MO The Comedy Zone



January 26, 2007- Angola, Indiana

January 27, 2007-- Sturgis, Michigan

February 21-25, 2007--Funnybone of Fairview Heights, IL

March 20, 2007--Bowling Green, Ohio Easy Street Cafe

March 21. 2007--Findley, Ohio

May 11, 2007--Laughs on the Landing  St. Louis, MO

May 25, 2007--Comedy Forum in St. Peter's, MO (10:15 show)

June 6, 2007--Jacksonville, North Carolina

June 8, 2007--Sumter, South Carolina

June 19-23, 2007--The Funny Stop in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

July 6, 2007--Papa Mike's in Olney, Illinois

July 13-14, 2007--Laughs on the Landing in St. Louis, MO

July 16, 2007--St. Louis Funnybone

Jul 19-22, 2007--Funnybone in Fairview Heights, IL

July 24-25, 2007--Carnival Cruise Challenge Knoxville, TN (placed 3rd)

August 23-25, 2007--Comedy Zone Charleston, SC

September 6-9, 2007--Comedy Catch of Chattanooga, TN

September 13-15, 2007--Topeka, Kansas  at Jeremiah Bullfrog's

September 28, 2007--The Living Room, New York City

September 30, 2007--Stand Up New York

October 2, 2007--HA Comedy Club in Times Square--New York Underground Comedy Festival

October 2, 2007--Mo Pitkin's in New York City

October 9, 2007-- Jonesboro, Arkansas  Comedy Zone

October 11, 2007--Ft. Smith, Arkansas   Comedy Zone

October 13, 2007--Tulsa, OK   Comedy Zone

October 17, 2007--Columbus Funnybone

October 25, 2007--Deja Vu Comedy Club in Columbia, MO

November 1-4, 2007--Funnybone, Fairview Heights, MO

November 29-December 1, 2007--Jokerz in Milwaukee, WI

December 22, 2007--Belleville, Illinois at the Blue Agave

December 26, 2007--City Girll in Osage Beach, MO

December 29, 2007 President's Casino in St. Louis, MO (private shows)




January 25, 2006--West Plains Missouri

February 11, 2006--Dough Boyz Pizza in Ashville, Ohio

February 16-19, 2006--Cincinnati Funnybone

March 2-5, 2006--Huntington, WV Funnybone

March 15, 2006--Van Goghz Bar in St. Louis

March 27, 2006--St. Louis Funnybone Industry Night

April 12-16, 2006--St. Louis Funnybone

June 4, 2006--Featuring in Newark, Ohio

June 5-10, 2006--featuring at The Funny Stop...Akron, Ohio

June 13, 2006--featuring Easy Street Cafe in Bowling Green, Ohio

June 14, 2005--featuring at Bluefield, West Virginia

June 15-18, 2006--Funnybone...Huntington, West Virginia

June 27, 2006--Featuring in Topeka, Kansas

July 20, 2006--featuring in Muncie, Indiana

August 16-21, 2006--St. Louis Funnybone at Wesport

Sept. 20-24, 2006--Fairview Heights Funnybone with John Morgan

Sept.28-30, 2006--featuring at  Thoroughgood Inn, Virginia Beach

November 8-12, 2006--Fairview Heights Funnybone

December 21, 2006--featuring at Saint Joseph, MO

December 22, 23 2006--Jeramiah Bullfrog's Live, Topeka, Kansas

December 27, 2006--City Grill, Osage Beach, MO




March 23-26, 2005--at Go Bananas in Cincy with Mike Birbiglia

March 27, 2005--Boss Players show at Ruby Tuesday

April 1, 2005--Show in Marion

Aprill 11, 2005--Taylor's Pub in Blue Ash, Ohio

April 12-13, 2005--Columbus Funnybone

April 17, 2005--Boss Players show at Ruby Tuesday 10:00

April 19th, 2005--featuring at Bowling Green at The Easy Street Cafe

April 30, 2005--Private Show Toledo, Ohio

May 3, 2005--featuring in Centerville at The Soft Rock Cafe

May 9, 10, 2005--Pittsburgh Comedy Contest

May 12-15, 2005--Joker's Comedy Club in Dayton with Nick Dipaolo

May 18-22, 2005--Funnybone, Fairview Heights, Illinois

May 25-29, 2005--Funnybone of St. Louis, Missouri with Pete Lee and Mark Gross

May 31-June 4, 2005--Featuring at Hilarities in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

June 11, 2005--Boss Players show at Centerville, OH at Soft Rock Cafe

June 18, 2005--Bellville, Ohio  Headlining the Clear Fork Comedy Bash

June 24, 2005--Open Mic at The Comedy Cellar in New York City

July 2, 2005--Boss Players at Peddler's Lounge in Grove City

July 9, 2005--Boss Players show in Centerville, OH

July 13, 2005--Maxamillionz bar on Bethel Rd.

July 16, 2005--Mt. Gilead, Ohio, this one's in a barn! 

July 22, 2005--Richmond, Indiana

August 3-7, 2005--Fairview Heights, Illinois Funnybone with Scotty K

August 14, 2005--St. Louis Funnybone

August 20, 2005--TSIA Comedy Show in Mansfield, OH with John Reep and Chad Daniels

August 23-28, 2005--Columbus Funnybone with Dan Grueter

September 13, 2005--Featuring at Easy Street Cafe in Bowling Green, Ohio

September 17, 2005--Boss Players show at Soft Rock Cafe-- Centerville, OH

September 21-25, 2005 --Fairview Heights, IL  Funnybone

October 21, 2005--Sandbox Lounge in Demotte, Indiana

October 25-30, 2005--Cleveland Improv with Nick Griffen and Bob Saget

November 3-6, 2005--Go Bananas in Cincinnati
November 10-13, 2005--Fairview Heights Funnybone

November 22-25 & 27 2005--Columbus Funnybone with Michael Loftus

November 26, 2005--Faces Lounge in Youngstown, Ohio

December 1-4, 2005--Joker's in Dayton with Jimmy Pardo

December 11, 2005--Showcasing at Crackers in Indy

December 21-23, 2005--Huntington, West Virginia Funnybone

December 28-31, 2005--Fairview Heights Funnybone with Jimmy Pardo


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