Rob Durham graduated from The Ohio State University in 2000 with an English Degree in one hand and a microphone in the other.  From there Rob has built an act that he prides on originality and his unique point of view. He has been praised by many of the business’s big names whom he has worked with. From Bob Saget calling him "Freaking Hilarious" to Louie Anderson’s written claim of "Very Funny!" (Rob still has the cocktail napkin as proof), his material is respected by all who hear it. With a smile that says I didn’t get my braces off until I was 27, Rob’s innocent look helps him vent about his other career as an English teacher, his horrible dating history, his wonderfully spunky wife, and other near death experiences.

A stand-up comic for more than ten years, Rob Durham explains it all in the clearest way possible.  Don't Wear Shorts on Stage is packed with examples, stories from his career and tips he picked up from other pros and some of the biggest names in the business.  With insight and humor he leads you through the stages of a comic's career, from the very first open mic night to the touring life on the road.  Whatever it is, Rob has been there, done that and he shares that wisdom with you.  Order yours today...


Now available on Ebook!  <--Click here to choose a downloading format from your Kindle or use your computer to get the PDF, only $9.99!

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