Jimmy Pardo from The Tonight Show, That 70's Show, Becker, VH-1, Comedy Central, the award winning podcast Never Not Funny, and is currently the studio warm-up comic for Conan.

Dan Swartwout  Host of the Bill and Dan Show, tours nationally, and the studio host for Ohio Lottery Game Show Cash Explosion.

Greg Warren  Craig Fergusun, Comedy Central, Bob and Tom.

"Rob Durham is quite the pro, f-ing funny stuff, great act!" -Rob Schneider

"Simply Excellent!" --Maria Bamford

Rob knows Al Canal and Al will gladly vouch for his act.

"Very Funny, an enjoyable show." 

--Bob Costas

"He's this weird amalgam of two personalities you wouldn't expect 'cause if you see him he looks like a frat boy and seems like the kind of dude that would count his beers when he's drinking, but then he opens his mouth and it's all these emotional things, and it doesn't fit with how he looks....That's Durham." --Jeremy Essig

"A very funny guy!"

--Marc Roberge, lead singer of O.A.R.



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Don't Wear Shorts

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by Rob Durham


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